To-Do Tuesday!

8 01 2013

It takes me all of Monday to come to terms with the fact that the weekday has started, all over again. I spend my Mondays proactively avoiding my Boss, all meetings and my feared To-Do notebook. But, reality sets in by Tuesday and thus the name, To-Do-Tuesday. Tuesday is when I get my work sorted and put my mind to use for things apparently more important than Kim Kardashian’s baby.

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Amongst other lists, this Tuesday I have also made a list of some of the events in and around Joburg I want to attend in the coming few months.

  • Cirque Du Soleil – March 2013

Yes, they are coming to Joburg (Again?) This is also the time my parents will be coming to Joburg and I have tried my best to convince them to join us. After my 30 min discourse on the awesomeness of Cirque Du Soleil, they innocently ask “Why do you want to take us to a circus?” *exasperated sigh* But please be smarter, Google them if you don’t already know about them and join me!

  • Top Gear Festival – June 2013

I cannot wait to see the three most hilarious men on earth in South Africa. I am not overly passionate about cars or anything, but I love the sarcasm and wit of Clarkson, Hammond and May. (M, if you are reading this, pls refrain from the ‘I Told You So’ smirks later this evening). Plus, it will be a good reason for a road trip to Durban.

  • Board Games at Amuse Café

I miss the days of Ice cold Neembu Pani (Lemonade) and Monopoly. I know there’s Wii and Xbox and what not, but where’s the thrill of holding paper money and buying out your Frenemy? Will be heading to Linden to the Amuse Café for some scrabble and other board game whilst sipping on the delicious coffee and reminiscing about the days gone by!

  • Joburg Photowalkers

It’s a bunch of eclectic people from all over the world, walking around the ‘mean’ streets of Joburg while clicking away. Sounds like fun, right? I have heard about this group from 3 different people now and am very keen to join them for a walk one day. What with my newly acquired iPhone and all 😛

Another blogger has written about them too.. Check it out

  • Carnivore

Let be honest, I am not very experimental when it comes to food, especially when it comes to exotic meats. If it doesn’t fly, I probably won’t eat it. But I am very tired of people constantly asking me if I have tried Ostrich or crocodile meat? Once and for all, let us get it over with. I am going to take the Carnivore Challenge.

I am sharing lists compiled by some other people you might also enjoy 😀

images (2)downloadimages (6)images (5)

Because, I’ sexy and I know it 😛



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