The sunsets no more…

11 03 2013

I stay in the Morningside area of Sandton, which is typically where most expats chose to live. That’s till the time they find their footing in this city and start exploring other areas. Sandton, is the corporate hub of Joburg. With its tall glass walled buildings and incessant traffic during office hours, it’s a nightmare. Except of course, if you hail from India, when you find even Sandton to be peaceful and serene. But after a few months, you suddenly start hoping for a bigger and better house in the likes of Oakland, Melville or Parkhurst. Our building is nothing to boast of, save for the gorgeous sunset views we used to get every evening. Overlooking all of Sandton and Randburg, we could see the famous African sun set on Joburg. Here are some of the sunsets I have captured.









But alas, you will see the rise of the concrete that is going to forever block this view. I couldn’t care less about the building being constructed, except it will take the joy of cooking while taking in the views every day. What’s the fun in cooking while starting at a dull grey building!!!


And the Oscar goes to…

1 02 2013

The Oscar Season is here, which essentially means a whole lot of good movies, that were previously not released, are suddenly flooding the theatres. I wonder why these ‘much anticipated’ movies are only released in South Africa post their Oscar Nomination. Anyhoo, better late than never, right?

Some BIG names are in contention for the Oscars this year. Every year post holidays, my movie-mutated senses start kicking in. My home is neglected and I am to be found in the theatre every second day after work.

Here is my opinion on some of the nominated movies: Read the rest of this entry »

Work Problems

25 01 2013

So now I have pretty much settled in to work in Joburg. Offices everywhere have the same problems. Things I dislike about work:

1. When I work long days to prepare a presentation, send it to a colleague for some feedback, the colleague then forwards the same presentation to my boss with even marking a copy to me. Work Steal-er!


2. Also, what’s with everyone wanting to review work without anyone actually wanting to do the work? So if everyone one is reviewing and no one is working, I wonder what they are sitting and reviewing? Read the rest of this entry »

Call Failed!

23 01 2013

Hello World!

So I have been MIA for a while now, which I will blame on my other job, the one that actually pays, you know! So between preparing a truck load of presentations and Board Notes, I have also been incessantly mopping my kitchen floor thanks to my broken fridge and finished two cans of Doom trying to kill these rain insects who have taken a particular fondness to my garbage bin. If that was not enough, I also spend several hours jabbing at my phone, willing it to work! Not to blame the phone please, its my service provider who wants to cut me off from the rest of the world!


Read the rest of this entry »

Books- December ’12

11 01 2013

I thought I would make a similar Xmas tree this year. The idea was so appealing, but then I realised, since I read mostly on my Kindle, I didn’t have enough books for this.


While most people were away from Johannesburg for the holidays, M and I were stranded in this ghost town since M did not have any leave and had to work through the holidays (Can I still call them holidays when he had to work and didn’t have any holiday really?). With M working, most people away, most places closed and streets deserted, I was left with a lot of time at hand to catch up on my reading. I like the sound of ‘catch up on my reading’, makes me feel that my reading these books is somehow important to the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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